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Online Classes now available

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About Me

Hello there, I’m Amy and I discovered my love for drama and speaking in public from an early age, taking speech and drama classes in my lovely school up north! My weekly sessions gave me the confidence to go to drama school and pursue  a successful career in acting. I was lucky enough to work professionally in television, film, theatre and pantomime.

However, I soon realised that my real passion lay in helping young people to have the confidence to express themselves through drama and performance. Armstrong Speech and Drama was set up with the aim to give children of all abilities a voice to be heard and a space to explore their own creativity.
I want my students to develop into confident young adults: to explore, to take risks, to learn and of course, to have fun - just as I did when I was at school.

Amy Armstrong

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What We're All About

Armstrong Speech & Drama is an exciting company that delivers bespoke extra-curricular speech and drama lessons in schools and online.

In our intimate sessions, children are given individual attention allowing for a personal and differentiated approach geared towards the student’s needs. Whether a child needs a confidence boost, help developing stronger speaking skills or simply a space to express themselves through performance, Armstrong Speech & Drama can deliver. Our classes are fun, innovative and stimulating, allowing pupils to explore a wide range of theatre and literature. All the classes closely follow either the Introductory, Acting or Speaking Verse and Prose LAMDA syllabus.

LAMDA stands for ‘London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts’ and it is the national body for communication and dramatic qualifications. We believe the syllabi LAMDA provide are a brilliant framework for developing performance and speaking skills and offer achievable goals for young people to aim towards.

Our pupils normally work towards a graded LAMDA exam. Although it is not obligatory to take part in the exam, we strongly encourage students to take the opportunity to develop self-confidence and a sense of personal achievement.

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The Benefits

Some of the benefits of our classes include:

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Develops confidence and helps to overcome nerves

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Gives students a sense of achievement and empowerment

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Supports creative, intellectual and social development

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Advances performance skills, a clear speaking voice and good body language

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Grows communication
and public speaking skills

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LAMDA Level Three
qualifications (grades 6 and
above) are included in 
the UCAS Tariff

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Encourages self discipline
and focus

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Compliments the national
curriculum in all relevant
key stages


Our Senior School Sessions

Our Senior School students follow the LAMDA acting syllabus. This is a regulated qualification that uses the preparation and performance of dramatic scenes to support the development of self-confidence and communication skills.

Each student is guided through selecting the best monologues/duologues to perform for their exam. The autumn and spring terms normally focus on the preparation of the pieces and the summer term introduces more of the theory/knowledge required for the examinations. By portraying other characters, students can explore a range of different personalities and emotions, which in turn makes them more emotionally aware and empathetic. 


Our Junior School Sessions

Our Junior School pupils follow LAMDA's Introductory and Speaking Verse and Prose syllabus. These qualifications use poetry and prose to develop effective oral communication skills that will prove invaluable throughout life.

Children get the chance to explore a variety of fun poetry and prose throughout the year, learn valuable performance and speaking skills, all the while gaining useful feedback on a weekly basis.


Online Classes

We also offer private online sessions for both Seniors and Juniors which take place on Zoom, with one of our experienced tutors.

With LAMDA now also offering lots of online exams, this is a popular and effective new way of teaching. The online classes offer more flexibility which is particularly helpful for those busy bees.


What We Offer Your Pupils

Our Offer
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Showcases & Festivals

Armstrong Speech & Drama offers both a Primary/Secondary School yearly showcase evening within your school which gives parents an insight into what the children have been learning in class and also offers a valuable chance to practise performance.

We also give students the opportunity to enter local Speech and Drama festivals which are wonderful events giving all involved a great sense of pride. Armstrong Speech & Drama students had great success last year with many medal and trophy winners, but it is the taking part that counts.


Every year, we offer our students the chance to take their LAMDA examination. These take place on agreed dates during the summer term in an environment geared for success. The examiners are always supportive and try to create an environment for success in the exam room. Results are made available at the start of the autumn term.

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